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Risk Insights exploring current market developments in relation to our investing strategies. 

See if you identify yourself with one of the Investor Characters, or maybe with a combination of their characteristics...

Our Team of Investor Characters Help Us Deliver Our Risk Insights

  • Each Investor Character uses an unique and easy-to-understand investment strategy.
  • You will be able to follow our Investor Characters and their investment strategies and understand how they would navigate the market events.
  • By following their strategies, you will get valuable insights to help you improve your investment skills.
  • It requires very little time from you because the insights are delivered in "small doses."
  • Eventually, you will also learn how to make sense of the markets.

Meet Our Investor Characters

Strategic Mary

She Wants to Spend as Little Time as Possible Managing Her Money

Strategic Mary wants her money to grow, but she does not want to monitor the markets too closely. After all, she is quite busy with her job and other responsibilities.

She believes the stock market will continue to rise in the long term. However, she does not want to put all her money into stocks. She wants the right amount of stocks (for her) to be able to sleep well during the down phases.

Her strategy is to split her money between stocks and bonds. It is a passive investment strategy that requires very little action. All she needs to do is to rebalance her portfolio from time to time.

Tactical John

He Wants to Beat the Stock Market

Tactical John wants his money to beat the stock market. He has a bit more time on his hands and uses a few hours a month to manage his money.

While he also believes the stock market will continue to rise in the long term, he hates the down periods.

His strategy is to stay invested in stocks during up phases and to switch from stocks to bonds during larger stock market downturns (tactical switch). By doing so, he believes he will produce better returns over the long term while suffering less during the down phases.

Dynamic David

He Wants His Performance to Be as Smooth as Possible

Dynamic David is not worried about beating any particular index. He just wants his money to grow, but he wants it to be as smooth as possible. He also uses a few hours a month to manage his money.

David believes the stock market will probably continue to rise in the long term, but he wants to be prepared in case it does not happen.

He uses a dynamic strategy that gradually adapts to the market environment. By doing so, he reduces the risk but keeps the upside potential. At any time, his portfolio can be anything between 100% stocks to 100% bonds (virtually any combination of stocks and bonds).

Investing Insights

Strategies PDF

To better follow our Insights, you will get a PDF with Mary's and John's detailed strategies and David's strategy overview (download link inside the app).

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