Upbias Help Self-directed Investors and Investment Advisors Achieve Smoother Returns with Smaller Drawdowns.

Investor Education by Example

Why Upbias

We offer more than an ETF portfolio creation tool.

What will you do during the next financial crisis?

Will you stick with your portfolio no matter what? Will you resist the urge to get out of your positions?

Our strategies aim for smoother equity curves with smaller drawdowns than a passive strategy would generate. Our model portfolios provide examples to help you manage your portfolio and gradually grow it over the long-term.

As market conditions evolve, our automated algorithms react to current market developments and adjust the model portfolios accordingly. This puts our models in a much better position to navigate whatever environment the future brings.

What we offer

You can have access to our models' detailed allocations by subscribing to our monthly Upbias Strategist Newsletter. We also publish a weekly report that points to possible allocation changes at the next Strategist Newsletter.

Subscribe to our Strategist Newsletter and gain immediate access to our models and strategies.

How it works

We give you asset allocation ideas. You make the decisions and manage your ETF portfolio, not us.