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Why Upbias

Our quantitative strategies are designed to achieve smoother long-term returns by keeping up with the market during the good times and outperforming the market during the bad times (by cutting or shifting risk to minimize the drawdowns).

Please consider the following questions:

What will you do during the next financial crisis?

Will you stick with your portfolio no matter what? Will you resist the urge to get out of your positions?

Here's the thing. To manage an investment portfolio during a financial crisis is, indeed, a really hard thing to do.

The Upbias Strategist handles this issue by systematically adjusting the composition of our model portfolios. As market conditions evolve, it reacts to market developments and adjusts the model portfolios accordingly.

This puts our models in a much better position to navigate whatever environment the future brings.

How it works

Not convinced yet? Learn more about our ETF Model Portfolios.


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