ETF Model Portfolios

Our quantitative strategies are designed to achieve smoother long-term returns with smaller drawdowns than a passive strategy would generate.

Made for Self-directed Investors and Investment Advisors

Why Upbias

Our fully automated Upbias Strategist "manages" our ETF Model Portfolios and publishes their exact composition in plain numbers (clear, actionable information).

All you need is a few minutes each month to follow our models.

Please consider the following questions:

What will you do during the next financial crisis?

Will you stick with your portfolio no matter what? Will you resist the urge to get out of your positions?

Here's the thing. To manage an investment portfolio during a financial crisis is, indeed, a really hard thing to do.

The Upbias Strategist handles this issue by systematically adjusting the composition of our model portfolios. As market conditions evolve, it reacts to market developments and adjusts the model portfolios accordingly.

This puts our models in a much better position to navigate whatever environment the future brings.

How it works

Step 1 - Evaluate our ETF Model Portfolios

Check them out. You'll find the config, constraints, historical simulation numbers, and charts on the Classic, Single-class, and Multi-class pages.

Our models are in a walk-forward mode. This means that, on an ongoing basis, the Upbias Strategist downloads the market data, calculates the ideal allocations and, when the algorithm dictates, simulates the model portfolio adjustments (including transaction costs) - like someone would manage an actual portfolio.

Step 2 - Subscribe to the Upbias Strategist

For a small monthly subscription fee, you get online access to the model portfolios' exact composition in addition to the Upbias Strategist's online publications (monthly newsletter and weekly updates).

There is a free trial available (no credit card required). You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Step 3 - Benefit from our ETF Model Portfolios

Start using our model portfolios as practical examples to help you manage your actual ETF portfolio and gradually grow it over the long term.

You always have full control. Our model portfolios give you asset allocation ideas. You make the decisions and manage your actual ETF portfolio, not us.

Not convinced yet? Learn more about our ETF Model Portfolios.


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