Common Investing Mistakes

Ricardo Ribeiro, PRM

These are a few simple mistakes people make when investing their money.

#1 Pursuing the Last Hot Thing

Sometimes a hot trend can go on for a long time...

There are no guarantees though.

You do not want to be that person "changing lanes" at the wrong time. It is not profitable.

#2 Relying on Tips

Following tips might work a few times...

But it does not work over the long term.

You need a method to find investment ideas, not tips.

Relying on random tips is not an investment strategy.

#3 Only Considering the Profit Potential

An investment must show good profit potential...

But there are other things to consider.

Sometimes the risk is just too high, or it would take a long time to realize the profit.

#4 Start Investing without a Plan

What would you do if something goes wrong?

When would you take the profits, or cut the losses?

You need a plan... and it must be detailed enough.

Otherwise, you would be leaving too much to chance.

#5 Overestimate Own Risk Tolerance

People believe they can handle risk well... when they can not.

Whenever prices start falling, people panic because they took "too much risk" for their ability.


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